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May 07 2024

Newman Portal Search Hints

Newman Portal searches from the home page are exact text only. If you enter multiple words, it will search for that entire phrase.

If you wish to search for multiple terms all one page, but not in exact order, use the search form at For example, if you wish to locate pages containing the words "Washington," "medal," "birth," and "centennial," enter the search:

ItemContent:Washington AND ItemContent:medal AND ItemContent:birth AND ItemContent:centennial

You can also use Google to search the Newman Portal site. From Google, enter, for example:

"washington medals"

Finally, you can search the Newman Portal document repository directly (, which, in some cases, will deliver additional results. On this page, check the box "Select text contents" before searching.

For additional assistance, please email us at

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May 24 2024

Newman Portal Symposium Video Available

Presentations from the Newman Portal Symposium held May 2-4, 2024 are now available at Our feature video for this event, produced by Numismatic Marketing, is "Benjamin Franklin and Numismatics." This piece explores Franklin's connections with early American coins, medals, and paper money. The video concludes with an appearance by Franklin himself, in the person of Patrick McBride. Additional presentations, by Farley Grubb and Khachatur Manykyan, further explore Franklin's numismatic contributions during the formative years of the United States. A total of eighteen sessions from this event, held in conjunction with the Central States Numismatic Society 2024 convention, are now posted at the link above.

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May 16 2024

Eric Brothers on the Sacajawea Dollar

The journal of the Museum of American Finance, Financial History often contains articles of numismatic interest. The recent spring 2024 issue includes a contribution from Eric Brothers on the Sacajawea dollar, first issued by the U.S. Mint in 2000. This coin attracts little attention in the U.S. but is widely circulated in Ecuador, as Brothers explains. This writer can attest to receiving in change a well-worn “golden dollar” during a recent trip to that country.

Brothers covers the legislative history of the coin and the development of the coin design. The “golden” description created confusion among the public, which in some cases truly believed their examples contained gold, while the Cheerios and Walmart promotions created their own controversies.

The Ecaudorian economic crisis in 1998-1999 led to their adoption of the U.S. dollar in 2000, and the overflowing stock of Sacajawea coins in the U.S. Treasury vaults created a natural opportunity for the coins in circulate. Today they are widely used in the “country of four worlds.” As for the U.S., their attitude is best summed up by Marge Simpson, who being asked “What is that? A quarter? A Chuck E. Cheese token?” explained “No! It's a Sacajawea dollar. You can trade it in at the bank for a real dollar!”

Link to Financial History on Newman Portal:
Link to Simpson’s clip on the Sacajawea dollar, Season 15, Episode 11 (February 8, 2004):
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