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Apr 04 2021

NNP Symposium Video Posted

Video from the Fall 2021 Symposium (October 15-17) is now posted.

Videos from the recently concluded NNP Symposium (October 15-17) are now posted on Newman Portal. Produced by Lianna Spurrier of Numismatic Marketing, this event featured a total of 27 speakers presenting on a wide variety of numismatic topics. Among the most viewed presentations were Ellen Feingold and Jennifer Gloede speaking on the National Numismatic Collection. This session included the premier of a 20-minute video, produced by Newman Portal, on the United States coins in the National Numismatic Collection.

Link to NNP Symposium videos, October 15-17:

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Nov 29 2021

Collecting Jefferson Nickels From Circulation in 2019

Recently added to Newman Portal is the October 2021 issue of the Central Ohio Numismatic Association (CONA) newsletter. CONA member Bill Kamb contributed an article on collecting Jefferson nickels from pocket change. Kamb sets the scene, “I was pleasantly surprised in the summer of 2019 when our daughter, who lives in Atlanta with her family, announced that our grandson, Easton, might be interested in coin collecting. He was 6 years old at the time. When we went there for Thanksgiving, I brought some Whitman penny and nickel books and got a few rolls of each from a bank for us to search. We had a great time and it brought back memories of when Istarted collecting as a kid in the late ‘50s.” 

Kamb goes on to describe a search from bank rolls and change jars, and, over a period of 15 months, he was able to complete a full set after searching through $21,100 of nickels, or nearly half a million coins. The stopper was the 1943-D (not the  1950-D, as one might expect), of which only one example was found. The article includes a related image, which we are guessing is not the actual coin found!

Link to Central Ohio Numismatic Association (CONA) newsletters on Newman Portal:

Link to Central Ohio Numismatic Association (CONA) presentation slide decks on Newman Portal:

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Nov 28 2021

Anthony Paquet Dies

Anthony C. Paquet was Assistant Engraver of the U.S. Mint from 1857 to 1864 and engraved approximately 30 medals in the U.S. Mint medal series (catalogued by Julian), in addition to working on federal coinage. Paquet’s 1861 $20 double eagle is a legendary U.S. rarity, with an example recently sold by Heritage at this year’s ANA Convention for $7.2 million. 

The Paquet family evidently left certain dies behind, and Charles Barber wrote to Philadelphia Mint Superintendent A. Loudon Snowden on August 27, 1883, “I have examined the dies left here by the Paquet family, and respectfully report that I consider them valueless. In the case of the Trade Dollar, we have the hubs made from these dies. Therefore can make any number required. The others are old experimental dies and therefore of no value now.”

Whether the “old experimental dies” included the famous “tall letters” 1861 $20 reverse die is a matter for conjecture, but what is certain is that today’s collectors would place for more value on the Paquet dies than did the engraver Charles Barber.

Link to Charles Barber letter on Newman Portal:
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