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Sep 30 2021

Bramsen Series on Napoleonic Medals

Collectors of Napoleonic medals immediately recognize “Bramsen” as referring to Ludvig Ernst Bramsen’s multi-volume series on Napoleonic medals published from 1904 to 1913. Bramsen divided the work into three parts, with the first (1799-1809) providing coverage up to the end of the Napoleonic Wars, which represented the peak of the French empire. The second period (1810-1815) covers its subsequent decline, from the ill-fated Russian invasion to the battle of Waterloo. The final installment (1815-1869) includes the Napoleonic exile period and posthumous medallic tributes. Although not illustrated, the text describes over 2,300 Napoleonic medals and remains the foundational guide for the series. 

Link to Bramsen volumes on Napoleonic medals on NNP:
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