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Mint of the United States : message from the President of the United States, transmitting the annual report of the Director of the Mint, showing the operations of that institution during the year 1837


Periodical Summary

Mint Director Robert M. Patterson's report for the year 1837.

Paul Hybert summary: "A short report from mint director Robert M. Patterson to President Van Buren, who relayed it to Congress. To answer the need for small coins, more than nine million with a value less than a half dollar were minted; much more than in any previous year. Government deposits at the Mint provide a ready source of coins with which to pay depositors of bullion as soon as the bullion’s value is determined; thus a long standing complaint of the Mint’s operation is resolved. The mint at Charlotte is finished and has commenced some operations, the mint at Dahlonega is nearly completed, and the mint at New Orleans should commence operations shortly."

A transcription is at:

From the Congressional serial set, 25th Congress, 2nd session, House Executive document no. 110.

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