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Wayne Homren Archives: J.S.G. Boggs Article File


Book Summary

This file consists of photocopied newspaper articles, letters and other material about "Money Artist" J.S.G. Boggs compiled by collector Wayne Homren in the 1990s. The majority of the file is in-copyright materials and has not been digitized. This includes: 1) Photocopy of the article "Triple bill" by Patricia Lowry of Pittsburgh Press, January 24, 1991. 2) Photocopy of the article "Money Artist Spends His Work Like The Real Thing" by Associated Press, Butler Eagle, Sept. 27, 1992. 3) Photocopy of the article "The Art of Making Money: Boggs has it. Do you want it?" by Mike Vargo, In Pittsburgh, November 19, 1992. 4) Photocopy of "Money Artist Plans Spending Spree" by Associated Press, Butler Eagle, Dec. 8, 1992. 5) Photocopy of the article "Money Changes Everything" by Lawrence Weschler, The New Yorker, Jan. 18, 1993. 6) Photocopy of the article "The Art of the Deal" by an unidentified author, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Feb. 19, 1993. 7) "J.S.G. Boggs: The Perfect Counterfeit" by Andy Spencer, May 1993 edition of Dialogue. 8) Copy of "Introduction for Boggs' "The Magic Money Machine" " by Myron Tomb, June 16, 1993. 9) Photocopy of "Art For Money's Sake" by Tom Toolen, COINage, Sept. 1993. 10) Photocopy of "Cash-drawing artist fails to ward off law" by James H. Rubin, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sept. 4, 1993. 11) Photocopy of "Currency artist loses in court" by James Rowley, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dec. 10, 1993. 12) Photocopy of "Money artist J.S.G. Boggs fails to recover seized art" by unidentified author in Numismatic News, Dec. 28, 1993. 13) Photocopy of the comic "Bizarro" by Dan Piraro. 14) Photocopy of "Boggs to man FUN table" by unidentified author in Numismatic News, undated. 15) Photocopy of "Auction lot to benefit ICTA" by an unidentified author, Numismatic News, Feb. 15, 1994. 16) Photocopy of "59 Hours at the Warhol" by J.S.G. Boggs, in Pittsburgh Summer Guide 1994. 17) Photocopy of "The color of money" by Graham Shearing, in Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, June 1994. 18) Photocopy of "Artist Boggs takes Memphis table" by unidentified author in an unidentified paper, June 1994. 19) Photocopy of "J.S.G. Boggs signed tee shirt" from 1994 auction by Currency Auctions of America, Inc. 20) Photocopy of "Artist Boggs a big hit at the Memphis show" by unknown author in Bank Note Reporter, July 1994. 21) Photocopy of first three pages of Daily Numismatic News, July 30, 1994. 22) Photocopy of "Boggs' Confederate note art grabs spotlight" by Christopher Batio, Bank Note Reporter, August 1994. 23) Photocopy of "Boggs boggles minds on Memphis bourse" by Neil Shafer, Bank Note Reporter, August 1994. 24) Photocopy of "Pittsburgh artist still prints bills" by The Tribune-Review, from Tribune-Review, Nov. 6, 1994. 25) Photocopy of "Copycat cash a growing concern" by Mike Seate, Tribune-Review, Nov. 6, 1994. 26) Photocopy of advertisement for "Polymonoprints" exhibition of J.S.G. Boggs artwork at University of Pittsburgh. 27) Photocopy of price list for artwork at the Polymonoprints exhibition. 28) Photocopy of "Treasurer meets money artists" by unknown author, Numismatic News, Feb. 3, 1998.
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