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100+ YEAR OLD SILVER & 1800s COPPER Found In Half Pound World Coin Search - Lot #1


Multi-Media Summary

Welcome to the start of my new World Coin Wednesday series, a group of videos where we unbox a half pound of mixed foreign and world coins from all over the world! For this series, I bought some world coin lots and then paid extra to supplement it with a better mix... and it certainly has been showing! There has been a good amount of silver, older foreign coins, and really cool countries that I haven't seen coins from before. Hope you enjoy this series of videos as much as I did while I was making it! Note: I don't plan on showing my full coin collection for a little while... whenever I complete a continent I will however! Some of the coins we have been finding include Canadian coins, European coins, French coins, Italian coins, German coins, British coins, Polish coins, Spanish coins, Portuguese coins, Peruvian coins, Brazilian coins, Argentinian coins, South African coins, Egyptian coins, Arabic coins, Indian coins, Chinese coins, Japanese coins, Korean coins, Russian coins, Australian coins, New Zealand coins, and more!

Courtesy of the Treasure Town YouTube channel, produced by Christian Hartch.

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