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103 & 104 Year Old Pennies + Proof Penny Found CRHing!!!


Multi-Media Summary

I just coin roll hunted $25 worth of pennies from my bank and got some really good finds!!! They include two 100+ year old Wheat Pennies and a beautiful Lincoln Memorial Proof Penny! There were also a lot of wheats... I have three more boxes from the same bank so hopefully the good luck keeps up! Also excuse the poor editing in the beginning... long story but I messed up and deleted the file before I could properly correct it. I'd love it if you subscribed!!! Canadian - 1 PT 2009 - 1 PT Other Foreign - 2 PTS 1964-Older Canadian - 3 PTS Dime - 4 PTS 1940-1958 Wheat Penny - 5 PTS Proof - 6 PTS 1932-Older Foreign - 7 PTS 1909-1939 Wheat Penny - 10 PTS Steel Penny - 20 PTS Indian Head - 25 PTS Flying Eagle - 50 PTS.

Courtesy of the Treasure Town YouTube channel, produced by Christian Hartch.

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