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5 Coin Related Channels to Watch - January 2018


Multi-Media Summary

I want to grow the coin community on YouTube and I think this is one way to do it! This video is about five coin related or affiliated channels that I'd like to pay some attention to and recommend as ones to watch in 2018. A new monthly series I'm releasing, if you'd like to be featured in an upcoming one let me know (or if you think someone else deserves it as well!!!) Please like, comment, and subscribe. It keeps you updated on the channel & encourages me to keep producing.

So, today I'm going to be starting out by giving a shoutout to Midwest Coin Hunter. His channel is similar to mine in terms of subscriber numbers, but he continually puts out new videos and has some good engagement with the community. Additionally, I always see him in the comment section of my videos, and I really appreciate that interaction. He is primarily a coin roll hunter and also metal detects, and hunts lots of half dollars, nickels, pennies, and more for silver and foreign coins. The channel is more focused solely on coin roll hunting than mine, so if that's your type of thing, check it out!

The next channel I like to highlight is one that you already probably watch frequently and are subscribed to, but I'd also like to voice my appreciation for his support over the few months that my channel has been active. I'm a big fan of his live coin roll hunts in which he finds lots of wheat pennies and other cool pennies in his coin hunts. But he also has made some older, famous videos such as the April 1st coin roll hunt that you may have watched or his other nickel jackpot videos. If you've never seen a Shield Nickel found in a nickel box, considered giving his channel a visit. At this point, I'd just like to quickly mention that if you're not already subscribed to this channel, Treasure Town, I'd encourage you to do so. As I always say, it keeps you updated on what I hope is top-notch content, and gives me a boost in terms of energy to keep creating videos.

Next up is a coin roll hunter who I've had some correspondence with on Instagram, and seems to genuinely be a good guy and a fun person to watch as he coin roll hunts himself. Matthew the Great Coin Roll Hunter's posted a fair number of videos, and often goes roll by roll in his hunts, which can be effective and especially valuable in terms of explaining and entertaining newer coin roll hunters or those looking for a slower paced video. Lastly, I appreciate having a face-cam in the form of a postage stamp in his videos.

TheCanadianNumismatist is another channel that specializes in collecting world and Canadian coins, and is our first foreign coin roll hunter of the day. He helps critique some of my world coin lot searches, and has provided lots of valuable information on them in the comment section. I'm glad to have him as a subscriber, and have watched and enjoyed several of his videos. Some of his most recent updates include Italian, South American, and French world coin discussions, and also some straight up Canadian coin roll hunting. I really like the Wallace Family channel as they are a family with a channel dedicated mostly to the pursuits of coin roll hunting and bank strap searching. If I ever want to watch somebody find some star notes or do a quick coin roll hunt, they are definitely a place to go. The channel is also mostly run by younger coin roll hunters, so for the younger audience on YouTube, perhaps it's a good way to connect with a producer your age. Again, I really appreciate the sense of community that they often bring to my videos, so I hope for the best for their young but growing channel.

Courtesy of the Treasure Town YouTube channel, produced by Christian Hartch.

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