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Buffalo Nickel and Silver Nickel FOUND Coin Roll Hunting $100 Nickels


Multi-Media Summary

On my first ever box of $100 of nickels that I coin roll hunt for YouTube, I do really well! (SPOILER) I end up finding a War Nickel as well as a Buffalo nickel among a lot of other older coins... this hunt was a huge success!!! Point system: Canadian - 1 PT Other Foreign - 2 PTS 1946-1959 Jefferson - 3 PTS 1938-1942 Clad Jefferson - 5 PTS Proof Jefferson - 6 PTS 1932-Older Foreign - 7 PTS War Nickel - 10 PTS No-Date Buffalo Nickel - 15 PTS Dated Buffalo Nickel - 20 PTS V Nickel - 25 PTS Shield Nickel - 50 PTS.

Courtesy of the Treasure Town YouTube channel, produced by Christian Hartch.

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