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FIRST BOX OF 2019 - 100+ Year Old Coin & Double Digit Wheaties Coin Roll Hunting!!!


Multi-Media Summary

Really enjoyed the first coin roll hunt of 2019! Had a fun time going through a $25 box of pennies for the first search and found some cool older wheat pennies as well as some Canadian coins (including an older one). I've been a little bit disappointed with boxes after going through a box in which we found countless (40+) old pennies, but it's still fun to be able to hit double digits - though just barely. I'd still love to find an error (I don't do too much cherrypicking, so it would have to be really obvious like a 1955 DD) or pick up an Indian Head Cent. Still had lots of fun going through these pennies, though.

Courtesy of the Treasure Town YouTube channel, produced by Christian Hartch.

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