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Foreign Coin Grab Bag - (1800s) Old Coin Alert!!! - Bag #1


Multi-Media Summary

The first in a series in which I go through 1/2 pound of foreign coins I was given from the coin shop. In this specific video, we find some really old coins, including 3 from the 1800s!!! We find old French coins, British coins, Yugoslavian coins, German coins, Scottish coins, Irish coins, Czechoslovakian coins, Peruvian coins, Dominican coins, Portuguese coins, Mexican coins, Israeli coins, East Caribbean coins, Spanish coins, Swedish coins, Danish coins, Russian coins, Austrlian coins, Panamanian coins, Austrian coins, Argentinian coins, Egyptian coins, Syrian coins, South African coins, Sierra Leone coins, Indian coins, Thai coins, Greek coins, Jamaican coins, and more across the series!

Courtesy of the Treasure Town YouTube channel, produced by Christian Hartch.

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