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Have You Heard Of The BIE Penny Error Information, Values, And History


Multi-Media Summary

There are a lot of penny errors floating around, and recently I learned of a newer one that is fun to look for and a cool, achievable error to add to your collection. The BIE error essentially forms when there is a die break, which occurred with remarkable frequency especially in the 1950s, and a small (or large) 'I' is inserted between the B and E in LIBERTY on the Wheat (or Lincoln Memorial Penny). In great condition, the error can be more desirable, while in circulated conditions, the error can generally be bought for a few bucks. I have found several of these cool, moderately valuable wheat penny errors and wanted to share with all of my viewers the news! You may also find one of these in pocket change or a box, as many of them ended up being made. However, I think it's fun to get started collecting errors, and this can be a fun one to dip your toes in the figurative water of error coin collecting!

Courtesy of the Treasure Town YouTube channel, produced by Christian Hartch.

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