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Omega Man Counterfeiter Who Faked $300,000,000 In Coins - The Full Story


Multi-Media Summary

Recently we stumbled across an incredibly authentic looking counterfeit in the coin shop that I work in, and the experience made me look more into the Omega Man fakes, a famous counterfeiter who I had never heard of. They counterfeited using $2,000,000 USD in gold in the early 1970s and faked 1907 $20 St. Gaudens Double Eagles, 1882 $3 gold coins, and a few other denominations or years. I figured that story is cool enough that I should share with the community, and potentially a viewer will be able to recognize the fakes in the future. One detail I think I neglected to mention is the Omega mark is found in the R of Liberty for the $3/$10 gold coins.

Courtesy of the Treasure Town YouTube channel, produced by Christian Hartch.

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