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SILVER ROMP - Incredible LAST World Coin Half Pound Search - Bag #30


Multi-Media Summary

I received a ton of mixed coins as a bonus from work about a year ago. This is the very last of the 30 hunts that we were able to go through. However, the good news is that more are on the way as I invested about $500 into a bunch of bulk (including some better coins - at least that's what I've been promised) which I will be searching most likely one pound at a time. This last lot, however, did not disappoint at all - we found a lot of really cool and valuable coinage throughout. Looking forward to doing more coin related videos such as coin roll hunting, coin information, coins worth money, bank strap searching, and more in the future. We find old French coins, British coins, Canadian coins, Yugoslavian coins, German coins, Scottish coins, Irish coins, Czechoslovakian coins, Peruvian coins, Dominican coins, Portuguese coins, Mexican coins, Israeli coins, East Caribbean coins, Spanish coins, Swedish coins, Danish coins, Russian coins, Austrlian coins, Panamanian coins, Austrian coins, Argentinian coins, Egyptian coins, Syrian coins, South African coins, Sierra Leone coins, Indian coins, Thai coins, Greek coins, Chile coins, Kenyan coins, Saudi coins, Luxembourg coins, Jamaican coins, Bahamian coins, Sudan coins, El Salvador coins, Tunisian coins, Icelandic coins, and more across the series! There have been old foreign coins, silver world coins, and other cool varieties along the way!

Courtesy of the Treasure Town YouTube channel, produced by Christian Hartch.

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