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The 12 Most Expensive Pennies In U.S. History


Multi-Media Summary

Some pennies are worth one cent, and other pennies are worth millions of dollars. I went and compiled a list of the 12 most expensive small size pennies in United States history and am here with the results, and a lot of background information to explain the story behind them. The prices listed (with an official grade attached) reflect the auction record for that coin. Some of the coins are really old, while others are a sought-after error in good condition or a very early proof coin. Whatever the reason behind the immense value of the coin making it a penny worth a lot of money is, I'll explain it and discuss how it got to that point. Best of luck making a pocket change find of the century (or a smaller one that still seriously helps you out)!

Courtesy of the Treasure Town YouTube channel, produced by Christian Hartch.

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