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Valuable No Mint Mark Coins To Look For - Super Rare Errors Worth Money


Multi-Media Summary

Recently, I have seen a lot of discussion revolving around No Mint Mark coins that are worth lots of money, and I wanted to outline the different rare no mint mark ones that are worth money. I realized after production that there is also the 1976 Proof No S Eisenhower Dollar, but I am unaware of other No Mint Marks I forgot to include. Essentially, these coins are worth a lot of money because there are supposed to be mint marks on the ones released. A few omitted mint marks for whatever reason, and their values are now between $100 and $350,000 - so it pays to know what rare error coins you should be looking for! We also clarify the difference between No S proofs and regular business strikes (which are not valuable).

Courtesy of the Treasure Town YouTube channel, produced by Christian Hartch.

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