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The Half Cent, 1793-1857: The Story of America's Greatest Little Coin


Book Summary

Historical and die variety reference to the United States half cent series (1793-1857). From the Foreword by Harry E. Salyards:

"Finally, unti now, the half cent has lacked an author able to write in an engaging conversational style while incorporating solid research evidence. As a trained scientist and lifelong teacher, Bill Eckberg is well suited to become the first to do so. Among the literature of early American copper as a whole, we have had homey narratives littered with pseudoscience, and ex-cathedra pronouncements aplenty. We have also had way too much 'history' written in the past subjunctive: narratives introducing each unsupported assertion with a phrase such as, 'Surely there would have been. . .'

You will find none of that sort of thing here. What you will find is the voice of an enthusiastic collector who has made some unexpected discoveries over the course of his thirty years’ pursuit of the American half cent—a fascinating and still underappreciated series."

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