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Abramson, Tony

President (2011-2019), Yorkshire Numismatic Society in Leeds, UK.

Winner of the British Numismatic Society's Jeffrey North Award for services to numismatics.

Organiser of the biennial International Symposium in Early Medieval Coinage, Cambridge.


2006, 'Sceattas: An Illustrated Guide, Anglo-Saxon Coins and Icons', (Heritage, King's Lynn).

2012: 'Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits: Fakes, Forgeries & Facsimiles, AD 600–1066' (Fakenham Magna: Anglo-Saxon Coins).

2012: 'Sceatta List: An Illustrated and Priced Catalogue of Sceats for Collectors' (Wakefield: Anglo-Saxon Coinage) [with 'Stycas Simplified' supplement].

2016: 'Where there's muck, there's brass, Coinage in the Northumbrian Landscape and economy, c. 575 - c.867'. PhD thesis University of York.

2017: 'Sceatta List', second edition (Spink, London).

2018, SCBI69 Sylloge: 'The Abramson Collection, Coins of Early Anglo-Saxon England and the North Sea Area' (Spink, London).

2018: 'Coinage in the Northumbrian Landscape and economy, c. 575 - c.867', BAR British Series 641 (British Archaeological Reports, Oxford).

2021: 'Sceatta List', third edition (Spink, London).

2021: Stycas Simplified (Spink, London).

2022 (forthcoming): Dark Age Gold.

Auction Catalogues:

Dr Tony Abramson’s Collection of Dark Age Coinage:

Part I Connoisseurs' Choice – 12th January 2021.

Part II Coins of Northumbria – April 2021.

Part III Collectors' Selection

Part IV Continental

As Editor:

1997, 'The Yorkshire Numismatist, vol. 3' (1997)

2008, 'Studies in Early Medieval Coinage, vol. 1, Two Decades of Discovery', Proceedings of the International Sceatta Symposium and additional material, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, April 2006 (Boydell and Brewer, Suffolk, ISBN 978-1-84383-371-0, 202pp). Abbreviated to 'SiEMC1'.

2011, 'Studies in Early Medieval Coinage, vol. 2', New Perspectives', Proceedings of the Early Medieval Coinage Symposium and additional material, Leeds International Medieval Congress, 8th July 2008 (Boydell and Brewer, Suffolk, ISBN 978-1-84383-466-3, 261pp). Abbreviated to 'SiEMC2'.

2012, The Yorkshire Numismatist, volume 4.

2014, 'Studies in Early Medieval Coinage, vol. 3, 'Sifting the Evidence'.  (Spink, London, ISBN 978-1-907427-35-0, 166pp). Abbreviated to 'SiEMC3'.

Articles etc:

1997, 'The Yorkshire Coiners, The Yorkshire Numismatist, vol. 3, pp. 85-96.

1999, 'White's Black Museum', YNS Coin Fair Brochure.

2002, 'A second Wolf Head/Running Fledgling sceat', SNC 110, p. 335.

2008, 'Some New Types', SiEMC1, pp. 31-44.

2008, 'The Beowulf Collection', SiEMC1, pp. 125-154.

2008, 'The Patrick Finn Sceatta Index and Analysis: A Collector's Perspective', SiEMC1, pp. 155-196.

2011, 'The Wim de Wit collection of sceattas in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge', SiEMC2, p47-60.

2011, 'BNJ Coin Register Sceatta Index', SiEMC2, 217-61.

2012, 'The Roman influence on early Anglo-Saxon Coinage', Yorkshire Numismatist, vol. 4, p. 73-104.

2012, 'Sceats: how do we assess their success?', Yorkshire Numismatist, vol. 4, 105-34.

2012, Preface 'The Lorin Kay Collection of Northumbrian Stycas', Yorkshire Numismatist, vol. 4, 305-10.

2017, Two Early Anglo-Saxon Gold Shilling Types, BNJ 2017. 203-5.

2018, The wretched styca. Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society Newsletter.

2019, England’s earliest coinage with particular reference to the York group of gold shillings, (BNJ 2019)

Online Resources:

Early Medieval Numismatic Bibliography', website

Forthcoming, early medieval numismatic font & symbols library

Website: Anglo-Saxon Coinage:

October 2020: The Lure of Sceats

BNJ Research Blog: www.britnumsoc/blog

December 2020: Iconic Sceats
December 2020: A vital clue in establishing Northumbrian chronology for early pennies,
December 2020: Numismatic material of Beonna's Interlace type.
December 2020: The Medals of Abraham Abramson:
November 2021: A unique joint issue of King Eanred of Northumbrian and Archbishop Eanbald II (with Bradley Hopper):

Popular magazine articles:

Coins & Antiquities:

    July 1999, with Mike Bonser, 'Sceatta Series P, The Saltire Standard, A Preliminary Survey.

    September 1999, 'The Khazars'.

Stamp & Coin Mart:

    May 2008, 'Searching for Sceattas'.

    October 2008, 'Art in the Round'.

    November 2012, Sceatta List

    February 2013, Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits

The Searcher, The World of Sceats:

    June 2005, 'The World of Sceats, Part 1'.

    July 2005, 'The World of Sceats, Part 2'.

    August 2005, 'Monsters'.

    September 2005, 'Serpents'.

    October 2005, 'Faces'.

    November 2005, 'Figures - Part 1'.

    December 2005, 'Figures - Part 2'.

    January 2006, 'Twin Figures.'

    February 2006, 'Quilled Figures, Part 1 - The Early Types.'

    March 2006, 'Quilled Figures, Part 2 - The Main Types.'

    April 2006, 'Quilled Figures, Part 3 - The Trackless Wastes.'

    May 2006, 'The Diademed Bust - Part 1.'

    June 2006, The Diademed Bust - Part 2.'

    July 2006, 'Radiate Busts'.

    August 2006, 'Varieties, Ancient Imitations, and Forgeries, Modern Replicas and Fakes'.

    May 2013, 'Justice Online': The Case of Mr. Goodwill Jester.

Celator,  Nov 2011, 'The neglected silver coinage of early Anglo-Saxon England. A collector’s perspective'.

Coin News:

    Dec 2011, 'Justice Online'.

    March 2012, Sceats on a Budget

    March 2021, The Tony Abramson Collection of Dark Age Coins

Coin Collecting Magazine

    Spring/Summer 2018, Reassessing the gold shillings of York

    Spring 2021, The Tony Abramson Collection of Dark Age Coins

Book Reviews:

Rory Naismith's book, "Money and Power in Anglo-Saxon England" in Journal of British Studies, 2013

Elizabeth Cottam & Chris Rudd, Britain's First Coins for Stamp & Coin Mart, March 2014

Gannon, A., 2013, British Museum, Anglo Saxon Coins I, SCBI 63 in BNJ85, 2015, p. 321-2.


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    Early Medieval Numismatic Bibliography 3/17/2018

    Early Medieval Numismatic Bibliography

    A bibliography listing over 2,000 sources related to medieval numismatics.  See also, which details the abbreviations used in this work.

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