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Jones, Peter

Graduated from Oxford University Medical School. Physician. Author of Notable Notes (2010), Commemorative Coin Tales (2018), Dow Jones by Peter Jones (2020), Colonial History in Your Hands (2020), The First Medals of America (2020), First Coins of Americas (2021), TREASURE! (2022), Beautiful Banknotes of France (2023).


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    Notable Notes 2010

    Notable Notes

    Seventy-two short stories and their historical background told by a collection of large size U.S. currency. From the Foreword, by Wendell Wolka:

    This well-illustrated book is an easy read, which will leave you knowing more than before you read it whether you are brand new to paper money or a veteran 'rag picker.' And that, after all, is what numismatics is all about: sharing information with others so that we can collectively build the foundation of knowledge for both present and future generations of collectors.

    Commemorative Coin Tales 2018

    Commemorative Coin Tales

    Seventy short stories and their historical background told by a collection of US classic commemorative coins. From the Foreword, by Ken Bressett:

    What you are about to see is one man’s journey into the fascinating world of numismatics. His passion for the subject is obvious, and likely infectious. His intent in writing this account is to inspire and pass on to his family some of the reasons he has dedicated part of his busy life to the study and collecting of these very special coins. His experience had its own flavor and direction as seems to be true of most of us who delve into the expansive world of numismatics. There are no set rules or boundaries to the way collectors enjoy the hobby. Each sets his or her own course and objectives. Each derives from the experience a sense of satisfaction, pleasure and achievement consistent with the amount of time and effort invested. Research has shown that having an absorbing hobby is not only a healthy pursuit but also fosters a happy long life. I would encourage all who read this book to look even further into the subject and discover for yourself the rich rewards of numismatic study.

    Dow Jones by Peter Jones 2020

    Dow Jones by Peter Jones

    From the Foreword, by Max Hensley:

    We all know the “Dow Jones.” But that like we know many things that are part of the background of modern life. The Dow Jones is so ubiquitous we can’t go through a news day without hearing about it, but we really aren’t all that knowledgeable about its history and how it works. Be prepared to sit back and learn all about this icon of American finance – the needs that gave it birth, early years, its changes and permutations, and the categories and ebb and flow of the component companies of the Index variations. Did you know the DJ started out with only 10 major railroads and Western Union? It took 12 more years to introduce the “Industrials”. This extremely well researched book, copiously illustrated with graphically spectacular securities, will bring the “DJ” to life for you. Enjoy!

    Colonial History In Your Hands 2020

    Colonial History In Your Hands

    From the Foreword, by John Kraljievch:

    There aren’t many folks willing to put in the work to get to a Jedi-level appreciation of the interconnections that our numismatic collectibles imply to a novice and prove to an expert. Dr. Peter Jones always has. He takes notes like a student intent on an A and asks questions with the rapid-fire urgency of a would-be Plato encountering a just-poisoned Socrates. Every answer creates a follow-up. Every follow-up induces a healthy nod. And all those nods, and the silent thoughts that accompanied them, have manifested in the work in front of you now.

    The First Medals of America 2020

    The First Medals of America

    From the Foreword, by Neil Musante:

    Coming into the present day, Comitia Americana and Related Medals, by John W. Adams and Anne E. Bentley, published by George Frederick Kolbe in 2007, is the one essential item! No collector of this series should be without it. If you combine it with the Stack’s Bowers catalog of The John W. Adams Collection, brilliantly written by John Kraljevich, you have the beginning, middle and end on the subject as it pertains to the original strikes.

    Now, with the publication of Peter Jones’s wonderful book on the subject that includes, for the first time, numismatic information on the various restrikes, electrotypes and copies one completes the Pentateuch (Loubat, Betts, Adams/Bentley, Kraljevich, Jones). Peter is English and offers a really fun perspective on the subject. I enjoyed reading his work and learned a great deal from it. I can only say thanks to Peter for writing such an erudite, fun and concise guide to these medals. His perspective is brilliant and I will refer back to this book at least as often as I do to the others!

    First Coins Of Americas 2021

    First Coins Of Americas

    From the Foreword, by Daniel Sedwick:

    This book is pure inspiration. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a nascent novice, you will finish this book with a sense of purpose and justification for the hours you spend pursuing coins for no other reason than you just want them. In these pages, Peter Jones demonstrates his personal journey of collecting the first coins (and pre-coins) of the Americas by relating the history behind each type and period and location. At every turn he makes sure to share his own angle and personal interest—and then he shows you each coin in the highest resolution possible, warts and all, so you can see for yourself what attracted him. As Peter points out, his goal was not completeness—as admittedly many coins were outside his range of attainability—so much as representation. The picture that emerges is that of a longtime collector fully sated with a sense of accomplishment and eager to share his joyful journey with the next generation.

    TREASURE! 2022


    From the Foreward, by Daniel Sedwick: 

    While eminently readable, this is not just a handbook or history book—it is also a picture book, supremely illustrated with top-quality coin photographs, maps, portraits and other graphics that bring everything to life. All five W’s—who, what, where, when and why—are not just answered but shown. Such a beautiful book is nothing short of inspiring. So whether you are an advanced treasure collector or just curious, enjoy Peter’s journey in these pages and experience the rush of truly owning history. The real treasure is knowledge!

    Beautiful Banknotes Of France 2023

    Beautiful Banknotes Of France

    From the Foreword, by C. John Ferreri:

    With this book, Peter introduces collectors to his personal journey collecting French paper money. Peter is an enthusiastic student of many things. It could be flamenco guitar, colonial coins, magic, the stock market, medals, treasure coins, and other subjects I have not touched on. If a subject interests him, he pursues it no end! He will find out “what makes the clock tick” and then explain it to you, the reader. So readers, get ready for an education! 

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