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A copper coin of Venice which was originally struck for the Colonies and later adopted by the city. Pieces of one and two Gazzette were issued for Candia about 1632, and Mailliet mentions a piece of ten Gazzette struck during the war against the Turks (1646-1650).

For Zante it was struck with the inscription CORFV. CEFAL. ZANTE; and for Zara the pieces of two Gazzette have ISOLE ET ARMATA, or ARMATA ET MOREA.

It is claimed that the first newspaper ever published, which was issued at Venice, obtained its name from the coin, which was the price of a copy, and from which the English word "gazzette" is derived.

The Gazzetta was issued for the Ionian Islands as recently as 1801, when those territories were under Russian protection.

Source: Frey's Dictionary (American Journal of Numismatics, Vol. 50, 1916)
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