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The name given to a series of counterfeit copper coins which originated in Frankfort a.M. in 1703, and were continued until 1822.

Joseph and Fellner in their history of the coinage of this city give a list of these unauthorized pieces (Nos. 1990-2004). The issues from 1703 to 1807 are stamped 1 Theler; in 1809 appeared the 1 Atribuo, and in 1818 the one quarter Halbag. These are all rated at the value of one Pfennig.

See also Spink, Numismatic Circular (xi. 128) for an exhaustive treatise on the subject.

See Also: Judenpfennige
Source: Frey's Dictionary (American Journal of Numismatics, Vol. 50, 1916)
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