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The equivalent of the Gulden in the Low Countries. Two and one half Guilders were equal to one Kijksdaaler, and the Guilder is divided into 100 cents. It weighs 154.32 grains. Of the Dutch gold coins the largest is the piece of ten Guilders, sometimes called the Florin, which weighs 103.7 grains. These values also apply to the Dutch possessions in the East and West Indies. The colony of British Guiana, formerly a part of Esse- quibo and Demerara, used silver three Guilders and smaller denominations struck bv George III in 1816, and by William IV in 1832.

The Guilder or Floriu of the United Provinces was a silver coin originally struck by Friesland about 1600 and con- tinued in use until the close of the seven- teenth century. This is the piece men- tioned by Shakespeare in The Comedy of Errors (i. 1), and by other contemporary writers.

It had a value of twenty-eight Stuivers, and on the obverse is the bust of a warrior who holds a sword in his right hand. This figure divides the denomination : 28 | ST.

From its value the coin was ordinarily called Acht en twintig ; the half was known as Veertienstuiver, and the quarter was called Zevenstuiver.

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Source: Frey's Dictionary (American Journal of Numismatics, Vol. 50, 1916)
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