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The largest of the coins of Turkestan. Sven Hedin, in his work Cen- tral Asia and Thibet, 1903 (i. 40), enumer- ates as follows : 1 Yamba equals 50 Sar. 1 Sar equals 16 Tengeh or 10 Miscal. 1 Tengeh equals 50 Pul. 1 Miscal equals 10 Pung. 1 Pung equals 10 Li, and he adds: " The Yamba seldom weighs exactly fifty Sar, but varies as a rule be- tween 49 and 51, and as the monetary standard of Central Asia is the Chinese coinage, it is alwaj r s necessary to have a Chinese balance at hand when exchanging money in any quantity. New silver coins, not exceeding a maximum value of eight Tengeh, have recently been introduced into East Turkestan. These are current along with the usual Chinese silver 'shoes,' an exceedingly inconvenient form of coined money."

The Tengeh is probably another form of the Tang-Ka (q.v.) or Denga.

Source: Frey's Dictionary (American Journal of Numismatics, Vol. 50, 1916)
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