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Early Paper Money of America / Connecticut / 1762 March 4

£65,000 ($216,667) in Treasury Notes dated March 4, 1762 and due on Mar. 4, 1767 with 5% interest, similar to the prior issue and with the same signers. Printed by Timothy Green, Jr. Abel Buel, engraver, type founder, die maker and partner in the Connecticut copper coinage enterprise of 1785-89, was convicted of altering the 1s and 2s6d denominations of this issue into 30s and as part of his punishment had his ear cropped and his forehead branded with a "C." He also altered the 5s denomination into a non-issued £5 note. In 1770, this type of punishment was extended to gold or silver coins circulating in the Colony.

30s Fair $604 Stack’s May, 2004
40s ▷CF◁

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