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Early Paper Money of America / Connecticut / 1733 July 10 redated 1735

£25,000 in legal tender Bills of Credit issued pursuant to the Oct. 9, 1735 Act to replace all prior emissions, particularly the July 10, 1733 issue because of extensive counterfeiting. The faces were identical to the July 10, 1733 issue with "1735" added. The faceplates were to be cut deeper because they gave poor impressions. In each of the four quadrants of the typeset backs the text provided for circulation of sections of bills by including QUARTER OF THREE SHILLINGS or similar appropriate language for each denomination. This appears to be the first issue in America in which a circulating value of a quarter section was printed on the bill. Printed by Timothy Green. Signers were the same as the prior issue.

2s Dove
2s6d Cock
3s Squirrel
5s Fox ▷CF◁
10s Lamb 
20s Deer 
40s Horse
£5 Lion

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