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Lot 3037

Image Information

Type Coin
Title Lot 3037
Date 1776
Side reverse
Grade 62
Service NGC
Service Catalog # 792
Denomination $1
Description 1776 $1 Continental Dollar, CURENCY, Brass MS62 NGC. CAC. Newman 1-B, Breen-1087, W-8440, Low R.7. 225.8 grains, 75% copper, 22% tin, 1% lead per NGC metallurgical tests. Following the limited production of the Newman 1-A pieces, the reverse die was modified with the dotted rings connected to form solid rings, although remnants of the previous dots are still visible. Eric P. Newman wrote: "Reverse B shows lines cut over the dots, but dots still remain exposed in many places." The reverse has an advanced die defect in the Pennsylvania ring, proving that it is the same die as Reverse A. The modifications are sufficient that Newman assigned a different letter, although this variety is technically a die state of 1-A. The production of Newman 1-B pieces in brass was considerably greater than that of the 1-A. However, the coinage was still extremely limited, and only a dozen examples are known today. Michael Hodder recorded eight examples in the 1988 Norweb catalog, and increased his estimate to "about 10 to 12 known" in the 2003 Ford catalog. Q. David Bowers rated this variety URS-4 (five to eight known) in the Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins. We presented a Condition Census of 12 known examples in our August 2009 offering of the Charles Jay specimen that is updated here: {blockquote}1. MS63 NGC Charles Jay Collection (Stack's, 10/1967), lot 39; Laird Park (Stack's, 5/1976), lot 109; Herdman Collection (Bowers and Ruddy, 12/1977), lot 5039; Collection of a Patriotic American (Heritage, 8/2009), lot 1002. 2. MS62 NGC. The present specimen. Eric P. Newman Collection; Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society. 3. AU55 Taylor Collection (Bowers and Merena, 3/1987), lot 2047; Bowers and Merena (5/1992), lot 1010; Stack's (1/2007), lot 6439. 4. AU or finer (described as "Virtually Uncirculated" in the Carter catalog) B. Max Mehl (5/1950), lot 769; Amon Carter Collection (Stack's, 1/1984), lot 204. 5. Choice XF Virgil Brand; F.C.C. Boyd; John J. Ford, Jr. (Stack's, 10/2003), lot 1. 6. Choice XF Pine Tree "Promised Lands" Sale, lot 335; Gilbert Steinberg (Stack's, 10/1989), lot 63. 7. XF45 PCGS 1999 ANA Sale (Heritage, 8/1999), lot 6465. 8. XF45 New Netherlands Coin Company (privately, 8/21/1955); Norweb Collection (Bowers and Merena, 3/1988), lot 2452. 9. XF Lermann Collection; Garrett Collection (Bowers and Ruddy, 10/1980), lot 1489. 10. XF John L. Roper, 2nd (Stack's, 12/1983), lot 198; Stack's (9/2006), lot 112. 11. VF30 B. Max Mehl (privately, 1/11/1937); Norweb Collection (Bowers and Merena, 3/1988), lot 2451. 12. Fine Robison Collection (Stack's, 2/1982), lot 87.{/blockquote} In addition to those pieces enumerated above, approximately six examples from the Newman 1-B pairing exist in pewter. In the Norweb catalog, Hodder noted that the pewter piece was an earlier die state than Garrett's brass example, and the same die state as the Norweb, lot 2451 coin. He wrote: {blockquote}"We can say with certainty that the pewter specimens were being struck at the same time as the brass pieces, from the same dies. Some suggestions have been raised that the pewter pieces may have been struck later, perhaps from dies captured by the British during their occupation of New York City in September 1776."{/blockquote} There seems to be no logical reason for the British to make use of those dies even if they had captured them. Further, Hodder's observations negate the reasoning of some, such as Walter Breen, who consider the brass pieces to be patterns. In the Ford catalog, Hodder noted test results of two other brass pieces that were also a little under 80% copper and 20% zinc. There is a wide range of brass alloys identified by various names, such as Alpha brass that signifies alloys with less than 35% zinc (known for its capability of cold-working, forging, and pressing). A specific type of Alpha brass known as Prince's metal contains 75% copper and 25% zinc, and was sometimes used for imitation jewelry. This example combines light yellow and pale olive on pleasing surfaces that retain some mint flash. Both sides have fine striations that appear to remain from the planchet before striking. Ex: Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society. Realized $440625.00. Description courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

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