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Lot 30301

Image Information

Type Coin
Title Lot 30301
Date 1613
Country Hungary
Service Catalog # 261947
Description Gabriel Bathori gold Ducat 1613-NB, Neustadt mint, KM74, Fr-332, MS65 NGC. Minted at Nagyb?nya. Obv. Armored bust of Gabriel Bathori right. Rev. Eagle with Bathori arms on breast. A distinctive four-year type that was struck during the reign of Gabriel Bathori as the Prince of Transylvania. The current coin, the final year of issue for the type, was surely just struck in the months that preceded Gabriel's assassination on October 27, 1613, and as such, serves as an interesting historical marker of the end of an era. The coin itself is nothing short of spectacular, with the design having been perfectly centered on the flan. The strike, often showing areas of unevenness and broad doubling during this period of coining, is entirely full, with sharp definition at the legends and even more impressive detail within the cartoon-like depiction of Bathori. The fields gleam with intense reflectivity, and light foreign debris around portions of legends ensures full originality. No marks of any consequence are found upon examination. For the advanced Transylvanian collector, this will certainly be the opportunity of a lifetime to obtain what must be the finest-known example of the type. This coin is a true marvel of existence. Gabriel Bathori was born on August 15, 1589 in the Kingdom of Hungary. As a young man, Bathori sided with military commander Stephen Bosckai in a rebellion against Habsburg rule. In 1605, attempts were successful and Bosckai was elected Prince of Transylvania. Upon Bosckai's succession, Bathori was overlooked in favor of Sigismund Rakoczi, who was eventually elected by the Estates in 1607 against the will of both the Habsburgs and Ottomans. During this time of unrest, Bathori negotiated his way into the favor of the Hajduks (mercenary soldiers), and forced Rakocsi's resignation. In 1608, Bathori became Prince of Transylvania. Later, fearing rebellion by the Hajduks, Bathori reached an agreement with Archduke Matthias, relieving military pressure and ultimately gaining Hapsburg acceptance. Concurrently, he was able to gain Ottoman recognition. In 1613, after numerous failed military skirmishes and the alienation of all his allies, the Estates elected pro-Turkish leader and military commander Gabriel Bethlen as Prince. Shortly thereafter, he was assassinated by two Hajduks. Ex: ?Colonel? E.H.R. Green; Green Estate? Partnership of Eric P Newman / B.G. Johnson. Realized $15,862.50. Description courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

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