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American Numismatic Association Money Talks [Radio, 1992-1993]

Radio segments produced by the American Numismatic Association beginning in October 1992. Segments were two and a half minutes long. The executive producer was James Taylor and the narrator ("Ana, the ANA genie") was Phyllis Pflegar. Sponsors included Heritage, Superior, PNG, Coin World, Coins Magazine, Numismatic News, and Western Publishing. Digitized from cassette tapes loaned by Wayne K. Homren. See also Money Talks: A Radio Program on the History and Lore of Money (ANA, 1996). 


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    Money Talks 10/1/1992

    Money Talks

    ANA Money Talks programs for October 1992, as follows:

    October 5, 1992 (no. 1): What is Money? (written by James Taylor).
    October 6, 1992 (no. 2): Jewish Coins for Yom Kippur (written by David Vagi).
    October 7, 1992 (no. 3): The Buffalo $10 Bill (written by Gene Hessler).
    October 8, 1992 (no. 4): Where Does Money Come From? (written by David Vagi).
    October 9, 1992 (no. 5): When Is a Nickel Worth 50 Dollars? (written by David Vagi).
    October 12, 1992 (no. 6): The Columbian Commemorative (written by Anthony Swiatek).
    October 13, 1992 (no. 7): America's Odd Denomination Coins (written by Charles Surasky).
    October 14, 1992 (no. 8): William the Conqueror (written by Scott T. Rottinghaus).
    October 15, 1992 (no. 9): Cherrypicking (written by Bill Fivaz).
    October 16, 1992 (no. 10): Alaskan Money (written by Kenneth Bressett).
    October 19, 1992 (no. 11): Yorktown Surrender (written by John Kraljevich, Jr.).
    October 20, 1992 (no. 12): Napoleon at Waterloo (written by Richard Doty).
    October 21, 1992 (no. 13): America's Silver Coins (written by Charles Surasky).
    October 22, 1992 (no. 14): America's 20-Cent Coins (written by Charles Surasky).
    October 23, 1992 (no. 15): Evasions (written by Matthew Rockman).
    October 26, 1992 (no. 16): The King Who Was Never King (written by Christopher T. Connell).
    October 27, 1992 (no. 17): President Roosevelt's Personal Gold Coins (written by Charles Surasky).
    October 28, 1992 (no. 18): Martin Luther (written by Richard Doty).
    October 29, 1992 (no. 19): Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929 (written by Donnn Pearlman).
    October 30, 1992 (no. 20): Ghouls and Goblins (written by David Lisot).

    ANA Money Talks (Demo Tape) 10/31/1992

    ANA Money Talks (Demo Tape)

    ANA Money Talks demo tape featuring four presentations: 

    Odd & Curious Money, Including Yap Stones and Copper Plates, written by James Taylor.
    A Ten-Dollar Note Featuring the Buffalo, written by Gene Hessler.
    B. Max Mehl, Samuel Brown, and the 1913 Liberty Nickel, written by David Vagi.
    The Columbian Exposition Commemorative Half Dollar, written by Anthony Swiatek.

    Creation date is approximate; all of these programs were produced in October 1992.

    Money Talks 11/1/1992

    Money Talks

    ANA Money Talks programs for November 1992, as follows:

    November 2, 1992 (no. 21): The Birth of Clad Coinage (written by James Stoutjesdyk).
    November 3, 1992 (no. 22): Campaign Tokens (written by Barbara Gregory).
    November 4, 1992 (no. 23): One European Currency (written by Frank Van Valen).
    November 5, 1992 (no. 24): Overdates (written by Richard Doty).
    November 6, 1992 (no. 25): The Gold Ducat (written by Robert Leonard).
    November 9, 1992 (no. 26): Encased Postage Stamps (written by Robert Leonard).
    November 10, 1992 (no. 27): The Only Woman on U.S. Paper Money (written by Gene Hessler).
    November 11, 1992 (no. 28): The Medal of Honor (written by Fred Schwan).
    November 12, 1992 (no. 29): Portraits Come to Rome (written by Matthew Rockman).
    November 13, 1992 (no. 30): Paper Money and a Would-Be President (written by Gene Hessler).
    November 16, 1992 (no. 31): Hammered and Milled Coins (written by Scott T. Rottinghaus).
    November 17, 1992 (no. 32): America's First 20-Dollar Gold Coins (written by Charles Surasky).
    November 18, 1992 (no. 33): Sommer Islands Hogge Money (written by Robert Leonard).
    November 19, 1992 (no. 34): Crimean City is the Ancient City of Cherson (written by Christopher T. Connell).
    November 20, 1992 (no. 35): The Kennedy Half Dollar (written by Charles Surasky).
    November 23, 1992 (no. 36): The Columbus Company (written by Gerald Tebben).
    November 24, 1992 (no. 37): Hand-Drawn Counterfeits That Fooled Everyone (written by Gene Hessler).
    November 25, 1992 (no. 38): King Tut and Egyptian Numismatics (written by Kerry Keith Wetterstrom).
    November 26, 1992 (no. 39): Money of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (written by David Vagi).
    November 27, 1992 (no. 40): A Penny Scraped is a Penny Earned (written by Matthew Rockman).
    November 30, 1992 (no. 41): Odd-Denomination U.S. Coins (written by David Vagi).

    Money Talks 12/1/1992

    Money Talks

    ANA Money Talk series for December 1992, as follows: 

    December 1, 1992 (no. 42): Small California Gold (written by Robert Leonard).
    December 2, 1992 (no. 43): Hercules (written by Kerry Keith Wetterstrom).
    December 3, 1992 (no. 44): Civil War Tokens (written by Gerald Tebben).
    December 4, 1992 (no. 45): St. Nick Bank Notes (written by Barbara Gregory).
    December 7, 1992 (no. 46): Bank Notes for Hawaii (written by David Vagi).
    December 8, 1992 (no. 47): Counterstamps (written by Gerald Tebben).
    December 9, 1992 (no. 48): The Evil Empress Irene (written by David Vagi).
    December 10, 1992 (no. 49): The Fist Paper Money in America (written by Frank Van Valen).
    December 11, 1992 (no. 50): The Flop of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar (written by David Vagi).
    December 14, 1992 (no. 51): "Render to Caesar the Things That are Casear's..." (written by Kerry Keith Wetterstrom).
    December 15, 1992 (no. 52): Elias Boudinot (written by John Kraljevich, Jr.).
    December 16, 1992 (no. 53): The Tea Party and the Tempest (written by Arthur M. Fitts III).
    December 17, 1992 (no. 54): Introduction to Byzantine Coins (written by Christopher T. Connell).
    December 18, 1992 (no. 55): Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights (written by David Vagi).
    December 21, 1992 (no. 56): Valley Forge (written by Arthur M. Fitts III).
    December 22, 1992 (no. 57): The Zodiac on Ancient Coins (written by Kerry Keith Wetterstrom).
    December 23, 1992 (no. 58): The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (written by Bob Van Ryzin).
    December 24, 1992 (no. 59): Charlemagne (written by Richard Doty).
    December 25, 1992 (no. 60): Constantine the Great: Christianity and Coins (written by Robert W. Hoge).
    December 28, 1992 (no. 61): All in a Day's Work (written by Matthew Rockman).
    December 29, 1992 (no. 62): From Cannons to Coins (written by David Vagi).
    December 30, 1992 (no. 63): Making Change in the 19th Century (written by Gerald Tebben).
    December 31, 1992 (no. 64): Hard Times Tokens (written by David Vagi).

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