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The journal of Early American Coppers, Inc., popularly known as "EAC," Penny-Wise presents the latest research on the early large cents and half cents of the United States. EAC was founded in 1967 and is one of premier specialty clubs in American numismatics. See for further information on EAC.


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    Penny-Wise 1/1/2020


    January 2020. Vol. 54, no. 1, whole no. 299.

    Original articles:

    Bill Eckberg, "The Large Cent Heads, 1796-1857"

    Pete Smith, "Starred Reverse Cents: A Review of Plated Auction Sales"

    Harry E. Salyards, "Starred Reverse Cents at the American Numismatic Society"

    Randy Mason, "An Introduction to Provincial Large Cents of Canada, 1858-1859"

    John Hoskins, "S-180: An Examination of the Reverse Die Degradation Sequence"

    Penny-Wise 4/1/2020


    April 2020. Vol. 54, no. 2, whole no. 300.

    Original articles:

    Bill Eckberg, "The Coins Tell Their Story Best"

    Penny-Wise 7/1/2020


    July 2020. Vol. 54, no. 3, whole no. 301.

    Original articles:

    Bill Eckberg, Early Copper Reverses: Part 1

    Dennis Fuoss, Another Look at the 1796 Draped Bust Cents

    Jack D. Young, "All in the Family." 1804 C-6 Based Struck Counterfeits

    Rex Goldbaum, The Engraved pattern "Mature Head" Design Model: a Window Into the Mind of Christian Gobrecht

    Harry E. Salyards, "Booby Head" and "Silly Head": A Search for the First Usages

    Hugh Bodell, New Discovery: an 1817 N-3 "Thin Date"

    Penny-Wise 10/1/2020


    October 2020. Vol. 54, no. 4, whole no. 302.

    Original articles:

    Bill Eckberg, "John Reich's Hiring by the Mint"

    Bill Eckberg, "John Reich, Coin Designer?"

    Harry E. Salyards and Bill Eckberg, "Alexander the Coppersmith"

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